Elijah Newman & The SideEffects

Knoxville, Tennessee’s Elijah Newman & The SideEffects have joined Los Angeles based Wiretap Records to officially release their upcoming EP “All I Found (Was A Ghost)” out everywhere Friday March 31st. The 5-track EP captures the bands hooky choruses, punk sensibilities tinged with folk overtones. Frontman, Elijah Newman’s songwriting is undeniably channeling themes of self-realization, lost love, and coming of age lyrics throughout the record. For Fans Of: Ryan Adams, Frank Turner, Northcoat, Drive By Truckers, Chuck Ragan, Dave Hause.

“I released the Self Titled EP with the SideEffects in 2016, and though I was happy with the record, it was The SideEffects first go together as a unit. We found our sound as a band during the recording of that album. I brought the songs to the guys for the first time, and weeks later- we were in The Sound Lair cutting a record. Aside from the band being in a new place of sonic discovery, I felt that I still had more to say. The release was done, and shows were happening, but the songs kept coming. My good friend, artist, and creator of NoiseTrade- Derek Webb, introduced me to producer Nick Bullock of Awake Studios, Nashville TN. After talking music with a few drinks, we hit it off and agreed to make a record together. So I called back in the SideEffects, comprised of my long time friend and cowriter-Chris Potocik, and lead guitarist Aaron Porter, to make our second official release. We wanted to capture our live performance on tape, and really flesh out our sound as a unit, rather than just me laying the songs out for everyone. We made the record in three days and sent it off to be Mastered by longtime cohort Miah Lajeunesse of The Sound Lair. Once we heard it all back, we knew we had something we believed in, something we thought other people could too. As a result, I knew I had to get the album out to as many people as I could. Every release of my career has been a self promoted, and independently released. After recording the album, I was puzzled about how to release it. Being on a consistent The Gaslight Anthem kick, I discovered and fell in love with Independent Labels like SideOne Dummy and Fat Records. My buddy Jake Jones, Bassist of Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves introduced me to his band’s label, Wiretap Records. I followed their releases religiously for months. Then one day, got up the nerve to cold call our unreleased music video and record over to Rob at Wiretap. After a few short exchanges, we both just, kind of met on the same plane. I think our first conversation was about the new Menzingers’ record, and how incredibly badass it was. An immediate “meeting of the minds.” Thankfully, he dug the video and the record. I, along with the rest of The SideEffects are honored to be a part of the Wiretap Community. We all love the bands on their roster, and share the same values when it comes to Rock and Roll. We’re so glad Rob and the rest of the Wiretap team decided to take a chance on us. We are already a family, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

All I Found (Was A Ghost)” is available for download/stream on Friday March 31st via Wiretap Records. Pre-Order the album at https://wiretaprecords.bandcamp.com/album/all-i-found-was-a-ghost

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