Cables & Arms - Framing Defeat for the Critical Eye - 12" White Vinyl WTR-009

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Cables & Arms - Framing Defeat for the Critical Eye 12" Limited Edition White Vinyl.

Recorded at Studio Trilogy, San Francisco, CA / Engineered and mixed by Willie Samuels / Mastered at Sun Room Audio by Dan Coutant.

Sounds Like: Quicksand, Jawbreaker, The Explosion, Archers of Loaf, Hot Water Music. 90’s Post Hardcore/Punk with elements of bands like The Bronx or The Explosion.

"Post-hardcore band Cables & Arms new album feels like it’s from another era—a time when bands like Sunny Day Real Estate ruled the planet. I’d call it emo, but emo has become a dirty word, so we’ll go with “emotional hardcore.” That’s okay, right? We can all stand to get in touch with a our feelings a little—doesn’t make you any less of a hardcore rocker. .... (Benjamin Bailey - 2016).


  1. Loss Of Gain
  2. Hang the Moon
  3. A Lasting Mark
  4. Wisdom Teeth
  5. Recurring State
  6. Kill Yourself
  7. Fool Me Twice
  8. Strongarm
  9. You'll Be Sorry
  10. Gift Horse
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200x White Vinyl