wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves - The Cross And The Switchblade 12" LP WTR-010

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wolves&wolves&wolves&wolves - The Cross And The Switchblade 12" LP.

The 2nd full length album from Winston-Salem, North Carolina punk/post hardcore band and follow up to 2014's Subtle Serpents. The band delivers 10 solid tracks of post-hardcore/punk with emotion bursting at the seem. When asked about the new album and it’s reference to the religious theme, singer/guitarist Brian Woodall commented....

“Subtle Serpents (previous LP) was spent looking out; singing about lost friends, lost love, and the place I live. The Cross and The Switchblade has a much more personal focus; songs about me, losing my faith, and wanting more from music. Over the past few years I've been searching, I grew up Christian but never felt like I belonged. After a lot of reading and thinking I came to the conclusion that that wasn't who I was or wanted to be. The Cross and The Switchblade is actually about me losing my faith, the second verse is a renunciation "So it seems to me, the time has come, to face the truth. That I just can't believe, the things that I held so dear, from the days of my youth." I'm not atheist, I'm not christian, I just choose to not claim I know all the answers”

For Fans of Polar Bear Club, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Hot Water Music.

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