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I'm Fine - Never Knowing Best on Limited Green Tint Cassette Tape

New Orleans, Louisiana’s I’m Fine have announced their signing to LA based label Wiretap Records and will release their debut full length album “Never Knowing Best” out on February 3rd. The band is streaming the first track of the album called “Merit Badge” below. The new record was recorded in the band’s hometown of New Orleans by James Whitten (PEARS, Thou) with help from Brian Pretus of PEARS.

“We did a few EPs and the plan was to keep them coming but, we ran into a wall of personal issues and such. Through it all, we kept writing songs and, when we got our shit together, we realized that we had enough material for a full length (if you call 10 songs & 22 minutes a full length). We recorded with our friend, James Whitten, whose been working on some amazing albums lately. To be modest, I love the record. Coming together with Wiretap was as easy as mixing up L.A. and LA. I got a text from Brian (PEARS) about this dude, Rob, from Wiretap Records. He heard it, liked it, and had asked about us. So of course I check out Wiretap immediately and pretty much liked everything Rob was doing. He seems to excel in everything I’m Fine is terrible at. So, it seems like another piece of the puzzle fitting for us.”

FFO: At The Drive In, Bear vs Shark, PEARS.

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