Aree And The Pure Heart - “Never Gonna Die” 12” LP WTR-032


Aree And The Pure Heart - “Never Gonna Die” 12” LP

THIS IS A PREORDER but will not be ready for release date. Small delay with the pressing plant. Expected to ship in late April, early May 2019 .

Debut full length from Atlanta, GA's Aree And The Pure Heart. 9 heartfelt tracks bursting of Rock N Roll, soul'fused punk rock anthems. Aree's voice has been compared to that of Laura Jane Grace of Against Me! and one listen to tracks like "Gasoline Heart" and "Fifty Dollar Bottle of Wine", youll hear the comparison. Imagine some of the most passionate and soulful songs with elements of influence like Gaslight Anthem to the Springsteen Heartland Rock of the 70s and 80s. The type of songs that would be cranked out from a band raised on equal parts 90's hardcore/post hardcore as well as 90's pop and rock music like Prince and Springstein.

"Never Gonna Die" is an explosive mixture of deep pain as well as unbridled with big hooks and bigger choruses.

Co-release with Homebound Records (EU).

Pressing Information

250x on Opaque Yellow vinyl