Bristol To Memory - "Wake Up" 12" LP / Bundle WTR-045

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Bristol To Memory - "Wake Up" 12" LP pressed on Translucent Orange vinyl

Bundle features a limited BTM t shirt, sticker and pin.

Orange County’s Bristol to Memory have been slugging it out in the emo/punk trenches for more than a decade, releasing five EPs, touring North America, seeding their music to various television shows and earning comparisons to heavyweights such as Taking Back Sunday and Saves the Day.

In another era, they might be rock radio heroes, yet perhaps the best is yet to come. The band — founding singer-guitarist Rory O’Connell, along with his bassist brother Kealan O’Connell, drummer Alex Buster and guitarist Daniel Wonacott — have signed to Wiretap Records, which will release their debut full-length “Wake Up” in August.

The addition of Wonacott, who formerly played with rock heavy hitters Finch and is producing the album, was key in Bristol to Memory taking the next step. The quartet originally had planned to make another EP, but at Wonacott’s prodding they decided to stretch out. The single “Into You” is exemplary of what Bristol to Memory do well — heavy but melodic, with dramatic dynamics and bursts of guitar that feed the explosive chorus.

'Into You’ was the first song we have written that made us feel it was possible to put out a full-length record,” Rory O’Connell says. “The song explores the growth of us individually as musicians and pushes the envelope as a band as well. We took a new approaches to writing this record and ‘Into You’ embodies just that.”

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Watch: The video for “Into You”

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