Wiretap Records is a Los Angeles based Independent Record Label founded by Rob Castellon. We release music we believe in. With over 140+ releases over 10 years so far, we’ve had the pleasure of releasing titles from bands including Spanish Love Songs, The Casket Lottery, Radar State (featuring members of The Get Up Kids/ The Anniversary), Audio Karate, Space Cadet, Decent Criminal, The Beautiful Mistake, Call Me Malcolm, Tiny Stills, Berwanger, Go Betty Go, Burnt Tapes, Mercy Music, Odd Robot, Grave Secrets, Kamikaze Girls/Cultdreams, Answering Machine, F.O.D., Problem Daughter, Lost In Society, and many more.

Our goal is simple. Work alongside our bands to get the most eyes and ears on them as possible. All bands have influences that you can often hear in their music right?... Well so do labels. Just with labels, you see them follow the model and ethics of those that have come before.. like Vagrant Records, Jade Tree, Asian Man, Epitaph, The Militia Group, Crank!, Kung Fu, and SideOneDummy.

Today, we’re proud Wiretap is still run independently out of Wiretap HQ in Whittier, Ca. As long as we are having fun doing this, we’ll keep doing it. We’re still having fun.. so let’s keep it up. Thank you for your support.

Submitting Music / Band Submission:

Bands send us your music. Submit in the “Contact/Submissions” section. Enter your name, Band Name, Email, and include a link to your unreleased music on a private Soundcloud or streaming link. Please do not send a Google Drive or Dropbox unless we ask to send. Include your social media links, and your plan for your band/release regardless of label support. We’d love to hear from you! Even if we aren't ready to sign your band, we may just put one of your tracks on our Spotify playlist #PunkRadar. if we like it. Follow on Spotify.

General Inquiries: Rob Castellon - robcastellon@mac.com

Press Inquiries: Mike Cubillos at Earshot Media - mike@earshotmedia.com

Questions about Your Order: Email robcastellon@mac.com with your order # and a brief explanation of your question/inquiry. We'll respond within a day or two.

Digital Downloads: You can download all our releases on Bandcamp, iTunes, and stream on Spotify, Apple Music and more. If you didn't receive a download code with your order, email robcastellon@mac.com

Do You Have UK/EU distro/store: We're currently do not have Euro/UK/International distro. If you're an overseas distro, and would like to carry Wiretap releases, please reach out to arrange a shipment. robcastellon@mac.com