18th & Addisson

18th & Addison is an eclectic pop-rock/punk duo consisting of Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto. Fearlessly blending all of their musical influences from Punk Rock to 80’s New Wave to 90's alternative and Power Pop, 18th & Addison are creating a style of music to proudly call their own. With their ferociously honest yet poetic lyrical content, unapologetic punch-in-the-gut guitar riffs and power house drumming to drive it all home, they are proving that they are here to stay.

The duo has been releasing music since late 2014 and have produced two EPs and a full length album independently amidst booking their own regional tours and shows in support of each one. 18th & Addison’s brand new single “Leeches” is the first release accompanied by a music video with Wiretap Records as well as "When I'm Alone" to lead up to the brand new EP. "Old Blues / Modern Love" is available everywhere now.

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