Little Low

Version 1
Little Low hails from the Bay Area, formed by guitarist and vocalist Christine Atturio (Save Ends), drummer Mike Assatly (Spirits, Beartrap), guitarist Eric Pocock (Discourage), and bass player and vocalist Kris Moya (Jabber, Long Knives).

Originally started as a solo project in Boston by Atturio, Little Low released a self titled EP of acoustic songs in 2020. After a move across the country in 2021 and missing the comradery of a full band, Atturio and Assatly asked Pocock and Moya to join and Little Low was born anew.

After recording at Atomic Garden with Jack Shirley in early 2022, the band is set to release their “Reasons to Grow” EP of five new instant classics this fall. With each member bringing their unique background to the table—Little Low melds driving hardcore drums, sparkly emo guitars, melodic bass lines, and infectious hooks and harmonies from Atturio and Moya. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your next big move

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