Welcome Cables & Arms to the Wiretap Records Family. Posted 18 Mar 2016

Welcome San Francisco, CA, post-hardcore/punk band Cables & Arms to the Wiretap Records family. We’re excited to help officially release their debut full-length album “Framing Defeat for the Critical Eye” out now digitally.

The album is also seeing a limited vinyl pressing of 200 copies on white vinyl via a co-release between Wiretap and the band, and will be available on Friday March 24th. You can Pre-Order the Vinyl over now and also directly from the band.

For fans of Quicksand, Jawbreaker, The Explosion, Archers of Loaf, The Bronx, Hot Water Music.

Pre-Order 12" White Vinyl:




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Attention: A Wiretap Records Compilation Winter 2016 is Now Available Posted 19 Feb 2016

Attention: A Wiretap Records Compilation Winter 2016 is Now Available to stream and download for Name Your Own Price over at our Bandcamp page. The Winter 2016 installment of our FREE quarterly Digital Compilation, features 40 tracks from bands like Spanish Love Songs,Avenues,Warn The Duke, Geometers, Problem Daughter, Fakers (ex Piebald) Sundressed, Civil War Rust,New Native, Rayner, Fugue,Pedestrian, No Tide, Be Like Max, wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves,Kitner, Rich People, American Arson, Ordinary People, Armors, Hot Mulligan, Kid Cadaverand lots more.

“We started doing the Wiretap comps in 2014 as a way to help promote the bands on our roster, but also sort of test the waters on bands we were hoping to work with down the line. I still actively listen to some of the samplers/comps I received in the late 90’s/00’s and like many, learned about so many new bands from them. If you don’t find at least 5 bands on here that you get excited about… there’s something seriously wrong. Bands in all genres of punk, indie, rock, ska, post/punk, emo, etc are doing some exciting things today.”

Download for Name Your Own Price at;

Spanish Love Songs “Giant Sings The Blues” Extended Version" is NOW AVAILABLE Posted 12 Feb 2016

Spanish Love Songs “Giant Sings The Blues” Extended Version" is NOW AVAILABLE on all digital platforms. The debut album from Los Angeles/Orange County punk/pop punk 4-piece, with 3 additional tracks not on the original release. Go pick it up:




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For Fans of: The Menzingers, Run Forever, Iron Chic, Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, The Lawrence Arms.

Welcome Spanish Love Songs to the Wiretap Records Family Posted 08 Feb 2016

Excited to Welcome Spanish Love Songs to the Wiretap Records Family. The LA/Orange County based punk/pop punk group self released their debut album “Giant Sings The Blues” a few months ago that was on our Top 10 albums of the year. We’re thrilled to be reissuing the album digitally as an Extended Version with 3 new tracks available this Friday Feb 12.

Listen and Pre-Order Giant Sings The Blues (Extended Version) album HERE.

FFO: The Menzingers, Run Forever, Elway, The Loved Ones, Alkaline Trio, Iron Chic, The Lawrence Arms.

Pre-Orders for Ordinary People’s “Nothing New” EP on 12" vinyl are live now Posted 14 Jan 2016

We’re pleased to finally announce Pre-Orders for Ordinary People’s “Nothing New” EP on 12" vinyl are live now. After some delays and pressing plant mishaps, we couldn’t be any happier to get this out to all of you soon. With help from our buds over at Save Your Generation Records, the pressing is limited to 200x copies. Pressed on 12" single sided black vinyl with a hand screen printed B-side. 7 tracks of solid throwback Midwestern Emo. If you’re old enough to remember early Jade Tree, CRANK!, Deep Elm, Big Wheel Recreation or are a current fan of the Count Your Lucky Stars Records roster, this is up your alley.

FFO: Sunny Day Real Estate, Christie Front Drive, Dowsing.

Pre-Order now!

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Welcome Warn The Duke to the Wiretap Records Family - New 12" LP Coming Soon on 12" Vinyl Posted 17 Dec 2015

Excited to welcome Brooklyn, NY Punk/Alt band Warn The Duke to the Wiretap Records family. The band released their debut LP “Ghost Be Gone” in October, which was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jay Maas of Defeater. We’ll be pressing the LP on 12" vinyl with some help from our friends at Save Your Generation Records available to order in the Spring of 2016.

The 4-piece lineup consists of former River City Rebels lead vocalist Dan McCool on vocals and guitar, and Derek Davis of Big D and The Kids Table/The Toasters on drums. Filling out the rhythm section is indie rock bassist Sara Press (Shorebirds) and George Miata on lead guitar. If you dig 80’s/90’s alt/punk sound of bands like The Replacements and Kid Dynamite, and also recent acts like Beach Slang, give them a listen. Give the band a Follow and stream/downalod the full album over at

“There is a demand for bands like this. Ones that wear their hearts on their sleeves but not in a way that feels corny or pretentiously cool.” - Punknews

“What bands like Chumped and Jeff Rosenstock are doing for Pop Punk/Emo right now, Warn the Duke is doing for that late 80s/90s Alt/punk sound” - Gigawatts Magazine

“If you’re into 90s college rock infused punk, this is your new favorite band.” - For The Love of Punk

Artwork/Photography by/ courtesy of Sara Press


Our Fall 2015 Attention Digital Compilation is now Available for Free download and stream. Another 30 “tracks” or “treats” from 30 Bands that need your Attention. (See what we did there?) Tracks fromSpanish Love Songs, Sad Blood, Big Awesome, Ordinary People, Swing Hero,Invaluable, Little American Champ, The Red Owls, wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves, Avenues, Warn The Duke,Mountain Club, My Double, My Brother, The Bigger Empty, Gentlemen Prefer Blood, Sons of Strangers, Western Settings, Rope, Cut Ties, Mossbreaker, Mercy Music,Lawnmower,strangeheart, Fever Charm, Castro L.A, New Lives, Infinite Me, American Television, Swerve +Friendly Males.

If you aren’t excited about new music going on in your own backyard right now, it’s time to get excited! Press Play and don’t look at band names/track names. Just listen!

Avenues "Creep Show" EP is NOW AVAILABLEon 10" Vinyl Posted 21 Aug 2015

Avenues “Creep Show” EP is NOW AVAILABLE on 10" vinyl over at Wiretap Records web shop. For Fans of 90’s skate punk, The Briggs, Bouncing Souls, Steet Dogs, The Menzingers, Masked Intruder. The EP was Engineered and Mixed by Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, Smoking Popes, The Menzingers) at Atlas Studios in Chicago.

The record features the 2 new tracks “Hipster 101” and “THRASHER” were initially left off the Digital/CD version of the EP but are now included in the 10" vinyl version. Pick it up today over at

250 Standard Black Vinyl

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Stream the 2 unreleased songs -

wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves 7" EP “Scars - Now Available Posted 11 Jul 2015

TODAY IS THE DAY! The new wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves 7" EP “Scars” is NOW AVAILABLE for Download/Stream and purchase the 7" vinyl. Can’t be happier for this day to be here. This is WTR002 and we’re so stoked to have been able to release this EP with such a hard working and talented group of guys. Go listen!!

Bandcamp (Stream/Download) -

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Sons of Strangers "The Sailor. The Sea" Now Available Posted 08 Jul 2015


Sons of Strangers new Album “The Sailor. The Sea” is now Available digitally and online. We couldn’t be happier than to help release the album today with the guys and have you all hear the entire record. You can listen and order the physical copy on 12" vinyl at all the links below.


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Sons of Strangers Join Wiretap Records Family - new Album “The Sailor. The Sea” out soon Posted 01 Jul 2015

Extremely happy to be releasing the new Album “The Sailor. The Sea” from Ardmore, OK’s Sons of Strangers on Wiretap Records.

For Fans Of: The Gaslight Anthem, Thrice, Bayside, Hot Water Music, Red City Radio, Tumbledown/Mike Herrera/MxPx, Foo Fighters, Brand New.

You can now Pre-Order the 12" vinyl on Opaque Red and Cloudy Clear vinyl at…/13535001-sons-of-stran…

Listen to the first track “Well Paid Slave” over at For the Love of Punk…/

Couldn’t be more excited to welcome the guys to the Wiretap Records Family.

Follow them on Facebook at

PRE-ORDER wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves 7" EP “Scars NOW Posted 24 Jun 2015

The new wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves 7" EP “Scars” is up for Pre-Order now. Available in 3 color variants; Opaque Orange, Opaque Yellow, and Semi Transparent Burgandy. (Orange is available from the band on their tour/shows, Yellow and Burgandy at the Wiretap store.)

The record is limited to a first pressing of 300 7" records (100 Yellow, 100 Orange, 100 Semi Transparent Burgandy) and is scheduled for a release date of 8/11/2015. You can pre-order HERE

Side A
1. Scars
2. What I Bleed

Side B
3. The Cross + The Switchblade
4. Serpents (Acoustic)

Pressing Info:
100 - Opaque Yellow
100 - Transparent Burgandy
100 - Opaque Orange (Available from the band directly)

For Fans of; Hot Water Music, Rival Schools, Planes Mistaken For Stars, The Get Ups Kids, Off With Their Heads.

The band recently premiered the self titled track at at You can listen to the track HERE.