Kamikaze Girls new music video for 'Ladyfuzz' remind us all It's OK To Be Sad Posted 09 Aug 2016

Kamikaze Girls' pressing of their new EP "Sad" is now available to Pre-Order on limited Cassette Tape. The cassette is limited to 150x copies on Blue Tint. Go pick it up. If you're looking to grab the 12" Vinyl, visit our buds at Bearded Punk Records. The band also just premiered a new music video for the 2nd track off the EP called "Ladyfuzz". The subject is heavy, but we admire the duo's courage to use music as a means to continue to challenge attitudes and taboos surrounding mental health. Mental Health issues are a global issue. The video was shot in singer/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone's childhood bedroom and surrounding area up North in the UK, where she grew up before moving to Leeds when she was 16.

“It still looks just like it was when I left it. Loads of old band merch, a LOT of Michael Jackson memorabilia, records and a bunch of stuff that I can’t really have with me at the moment. With Conor knowing the meaning behind the song – and obviously standing by me as a friend when I wasn’t well at the time – we kind of just wanted to tell it how it was. Not the happiest of songs, or videos, but it is what it is.”

“Since then I have used the term ‘Ladyfuzz’ as something positive. I curate a zine with a bunch of contributors from all over the world. We put out issues every few months and celebrate female artists and musicians. I feel good now that something good came out of it.” - From Punktastic

Watch the video for ‘Ladyfuzz’ below and share with anyone you think could use some encouragement. "Sad" is out September 2nd via Bearded Punk and Wiretap Records.

Thanks to Punktastic for streaming the video today.

Spanish Love Songs "Giant Sings The Blues" 12" LP + Bundle Now Available for Pre-Order Posted 27 Jul 2016

Spanish Love Songs debut album "Giant Sings The Blues" is now available for Pre-Order over in the Wiretap shop. Pick up the 12" LP or a sweet bundle including a limited Giant Sings "Quack" T- Shirt with art by the awesome Corey Purvis. Head over to to order. Euro friends visit the folks over at Bearded Punk Records to order in Europe and save on shipping.

Order HERE:

Welcome Kamikaze Girls to the Wiretap Family. New EP "Sad" out this September Posted 18 Jul 2016

Couldn't be more excited to Welcome Kamikaze Girls from London/Leeds, UK to the Wiretap Records Family. We'll be co-releasing their new EP "Sad" this coming September with our buds over in Europe Bearded Punk Records.

Kamikaze Girls’ sound is part pop sensibilities and ’90s Riot Grrrl, citing the likes of Bikini Kill, L7 and Sleater Kinney as their main inspiration. And we love it. Can't wait for you all to hear the full EP.

Go watch the music video for the first song off the new EP "Stitches" over at New Noise Magazine. You can preorder the record over

WATCH Spanish Love Songs' Official Music Video for "Concrete" - Announce July Tour Dates Posted 23 Jun 2016

WATCH Spanish Love Songs get HAPPY on their new Music Video for their song "Concrete" off their debut album "Giant Sings The Blues" out now digitally and on 12" LP Vinyl out this Fall via Wiretap (US) and Bearded Punk Records (EU). Get notified when the 12" is up for pre-order at HERE

The band have also announced a July Summer tour. WATCH the video and see all the dates below.

July 19th – Fullerton, CA
July 22 – Los Angeles, CA
July 23 – San Francisco, CA
July 24 – Sacramento, CA
July 25th – Portland, OR
July 26th – Seattle, WA
July 27th – Tacoma, WA
July 28th – Oakland, CA
July 29th – Las Vegas, NV
July 30th – Riverside, CA

Attention: A Wiretap Records Music + Podcast Compilation: Summer 2016 Now Available Posted 20 May 2016

Our Summer 2016 Wiretap Compilation is Live now. Attention: A Wiretap Records Music + Podcast Compilation: Summer 2016 featuring segments from some our favorite music related podcasts including 100 Words Or Less - The Podcast, Edgeland, Washed Up Emo, Friskie Morris & Friends,Dying Scene Radio, Vinyl Emergency, Stage Banter and tracks from great bands like Daydream, Kamikaze Girls, Henrietta, Cables & Arms, Spanish Love Songs, Bastards Of Young, Coma Commander, Dog & Wolf, The Other Stars, Holy Pinto, Life Moves On, The Socials, Muncie Girls, Post Life, Love Nothing, Weller, Turnspit, Mayfair, SHEER, Dead By Forty,Rayner, Happy Accidents, Safety, Warn The Duke, WINCE Locket, All the Wine and a new unreleased track from Avenues.

Go stream it and download for Name Your Price over at Bandcamp. Thanks to all the bands, labels and podcasts for participating.

Spanish Love Songs​’ Giant Sings The Blues pressed on 12" Vinyl Posted 18 May 2016

Happy to announce we are pressing Spanish Love Songs’ debut album Giant Sings The Blues on 12" Vinyl this Fall with help from our friends at Bearded Punk Records out of Belgium who will be handling distribution in Europe. Can’t thank Bearded Punk Records enough for stepping in and helping get the record overseas in hopes of the band getting over to Europe soon.

The pressing will be limited to 200x copies on Black 12" Vinyl and will be available in September 2016 with all new reimagined cover art of the infamous “duck” done by the amazing Corey Purvis. More info on pre sale in the coming weeks.

Welcome Cables & Arms to the Wiretap Records Family. Posted 18 Mar 2016

Welcome San Francisco, CA, post-hardcore/punk band Cables & Arms to the Wiretap Records family. We’re excited to help officially release their debut full-length album “Framing Defeat for the Critical Eye” out now digitally.

The album is also seeing a limited vinyl pressing of 200 copies on white vinyl via a co-release between Wiretap and the band, and will be available on Friday March 24th. You can Pre-Order the Vinyl over now and also directly from the band.

For fans of Quicksand, Jawbreaker, The Explosion, Archers of Loaf, The Bronx, Hot Water Music.

Pre-Order 12" White Vinyl:




Apple Music -

Attention: A Wiretap Records Compilation Winter 2016 is Now Available Posted 19 Feb 2016

Attention: A Wiretap Records Compilation Winter 2016 is Now Available to stream and download for Name Your Own Price over at our Bandcamp page. The Winter 2016 installment of our FREE quarterly Digital Compilation, features 40 tracks from bands like Spanish Love Songs,Avenues,Warn The Duke, Geometers, Problem Daughter, Fakers (ex Piebald) Sundressed, Civil War Rust,New Native, Rayner, Fugue,Pedestrian, No Tide, Be Like Max, wolves & wolves & wolves & wolves,Kitner, Rich People, American Arson, Ordinary People, Armors, Hot Mulligan, Kid Cadaverand lots more.

“We started doing the Wiretap comps in 2014 as a way to help promote the bands on our roster, but also sort of test the waters on bands we were hoping to work with down the line. I still actively listen to some of the samplers/comps I received in the late 90’s/00’s and like many, learned about so many new bands from them. If you don’t find at least 5 bands on here that you get excited about… there’s something seriously wrong. Bands in all genres of punk, indie, rock, ska, post/punk, emo, etc are doing some exciting things today.”

Download for Name Your Own Price at;

Spanish Love Songs “Giant Sings The Blues” Extended Version" is NOW AVAILABLE Posted 12 Feb 2016

Spanish Love Songs “Giant Sings The Blues” Extended Version" is NOW AVAILABLE on all digital platforms. The debut album from Los Angeles/Orange County punk/pop punk 4-piece, with 3 additional tracks not on the original release. Go pick it up:




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For Fans of: The Menzingers, Run Forever, Iron Chic, Alkaline Trio, Against Me!, The Lawrence Arms.

Welcome Spanish Love Songs to the Wiretap Records Family Posted 08 Feb 2016

Excited to Welcome Spanish Love Songs to the Wiretap Records Family. The LA/Orange County based punk/pop punk group self released their debut album “Giant Sings The Blues” a few months ago that was on our Top 10 albums of the year. We’re thrilled to be reissuing the album digitally as an Extended Version with 3 new tracks available this Friday Feb 12.

Listen and Pre-Order Giant Sings The Blues (Extended Version) album HERE.

FFO: The Menzingers, Run Forever, Elway, The Loved Ones, Alkaline Trio, Iron Chic, The Lawrence Arms.

Pre-Orders for Ordinary People’s “Nothing New” EP on 12" vinyl are live now Posted 14 Jan 2016

We’re pleased to finally announce Pre-Orders for Ordinary People’s “Nothing New” EP on 12" vinyl are live now. After some delays and pressing plant mishaps, we couldn’t be any happier to get this out to all of you soon. With help from our buds over at Save Your Generation Records, the pressing is limited to 200x copies. Pressed on 12" single sided black vinyl with a hand screen printed B-side. 7 tracks of solid throwback Midwestern Emo. If you’re old enough to remember early Jade Tree, CRANK!, Deep Elm, Big Wheel Recreation or are a current fan of the Count Your Lucky Stars Records roster, this is up your alley.

FFO: Sunny Day Real Estate, Christie Front Drive, Dowsing.

Pre-Order now!

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SYG Pre-Order:

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