Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone 12" LP

  • Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone 12
  • Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone 12
  • Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone 12
  • Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone 12

Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone 12" LP

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Warn The Duke - Ghost Be Gone on 12" Black Vinyl.

The debut album from the 4-piece alt/punk band from Brooklyn, NY consists of former River City Rebels lead vocalist Dan McCool on vocals and guitar, and Derek Davis of Big D and The Kids Table/The Toasters on drums. Filling out the rhythm section is indie rock bassist Sara Press (Shorebirds) and George Miata on lead guitar.

With comparisons to 80’s/90’s alt/punk sound of bands like The Replacements and Kid Dynamite, and also recent acts like Beach Slang, Warn The Duke deliver nine catchy blend of 90’s emo and jangly melodic alt rock has a freshness that sets them apart from their peers today. Features one unreleased track "Reclamation" not on the original digital release. The sounds of garage rock and melodic punk collide on 'Coastline', the debut track from Warn The Duke.

The band sounds like that vintage Warped Tour sound from before Warped Tour started to suck. Warn the Duke’s sound is similar to that of early Social Distortion, Rancid, Bad Religion, etc. Basically what bands like Chumped and Jeff Rosenstock are doing for Pop Punk/Emo right now, Warn the Duke is doing for that late 80s/90s alt/punk sound. They’re making the kind of music that so many of us loved long ago, but seems to have gotten shittier with time. We all have our classic albums and bands of our youth and hold those near and dear to our hearts even as the bands that made them grow old and the quality of their modern recorded output declines. If you’ve got a craving for Punk rock like it used to be 15 years ago, then Warn the Duke can probably help you get your fix. (Gigawatts Magazine)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jason Maas @ Getaway Studios, Jan-May 2015.

* Previously Unreleased Track - "Reclamation"

Track Listing

  1. Coastline
  2. Kids and Queens
  3. Cordelia
  4. 2050
  5. Noreaster
  6. Harry O'Donnell
  7. Reclamation
  8. Chicago Lights
  9. The Way We Live Now
  10. Star

Pressing Information

200x Black Vinyl

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