2018 Record Club Subscription

Wiretap Records 2018 Record Club

So Yup, we’re thrilled to embark on our inagural Wiretap 2018 Vinyl Subscription Record Club. By joining the record club, you're not only supporting the awesome bands we're thrilled to work with, but also are helping us keep doing this label. We can't do this label without your support.

As part of your subscription, you'll receive Ten (10x) 12" Records including releases already announced from;

Audio Karate - Space Camp Reissue LP
Odd Robot - LP2
Aree And The Pure Heart - LP1
TBD Band - LP
Avenues - LP1
Get Married - LP1
Wolves&Wolves&Wolves&Wolves - LP3

Plus, current and already released LP's from;

Breaklights - "Don't Try So Hard" EP on Black Vinyl
Harker - "No Discordance" LP on Red Vinyl

By joining the 2018 Vinyl Club, not only will you get each release we press on vinyl in 2018, but you will also get a Wiretap Vinyl Club exclusive t-shirt, stickers, and more things we haven't thought about yet!

You'll also get each release on Digital Download a week in advanced as well as Bandcamp streaming. We'll be doing some digital only releases, and you'll get those digital albums as well PLUS you'll also snag a 30% off code valid through anytime in 2018.

Everyone who purchases a record club subscription, will be entered to win a test pressing each month. We'll be doing a drawing each month for a test pressing from the 2018 or previous years catalog.

NOTE: The cost includes shipping via USPS Media Mail to Domestic (US) based addresses only. (Sorry NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OPTIONS). You'll receive 10 shipments via USPS media mail We will reach out to you separately to get your t-shirt size.

*** LIMITED to 50 subscribers TOTAL ***

Pressing Information

The Record Club will be limited to 50 total.


1. Breaklights - Don’t Try So Hard”
2. Harker - No Discordance
3. Audio Karate - Space Camp Reissue LP
4. TBD Band LP
5. Odd Robot - LP2
6. Aree and The Pure Heart - LP1
7. Avenues - LP1
8. Get Married - LP1
9. TBD band LP
10. Wolvesx4 - LP3