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2019 Wiretap Record Club

We're proud and excited to offer our 2019 Record Club for the low price of $125!!

As part of your 2019 subscription, you'll receive every release that we press on vinyl in 2019. Minimum Ten (10x) 12" records on the most limited/rare variant .. (Titles subject to change based on band's production schedules/delays.)

- Radar State - "Strays" on Double Mint Green vinyl. (ONLY way to get this SOLD OUT variant)
- Burnt Tapes - "Never Better" on Aqua Blue/Green vinyl
- Problem Daughter - “Grow Up Trash” LP
- Go Betty Go - “Nothing Is More” LP (2005 Reissue: SideOneDummy)
- Weatherstate - “Born A Cynic” LP on Black vinyl
- Decent Criminal - "Bliss" on Maroon vinyl
- Berwanger - "Watching A Garden Die" on 3-color Side A/Side B Swirl vinyl
- The Lucky Eejits - "Out of Time" on Orange vinyl
- Audio Karate - "Malo" on Rosita Pink vinyl
- Night Surf - "The End of The World With..." on Classic Black vinyl

New this year... if you wish to replace one of the 10x LP’s in your subscription, from releases from our back catalog, you can do that. Just notify us and we’ll send you those titles. (Based on availability).

You'll also get 1x GUARANTEED TEST PRESS from this year's catalog, an exclusive Wiretap t-shirt, and enamel pin, stickers, and more things we haven't thought about yet!

ALL FOR ONLY $125....

You'll also get each release on Digital Download. We'll be doing some digital only releases, and you'll get those digital albums as well PLUS you'll also snag a 30% off code valid through anytime in 2019.

NOTE: The cost includes shipping via USPS Media Mail to Domestic (US) based addresses only. (Sorry NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING OPTIONS). You'll receive 10 shipments via USPS media mail.

Pressing Information

*** LIMITED TO 50x subscribers..