Night Surf - The End of The World With ... 12" LP WTR047

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Night Surf - "The End of The World With ..."

Brooklyn, NY’s Night Surf new full length LP, "The End of The World With......". Produced by Jesse Cannon (The Menzingers, Basement, Somos, Man Overboard, Leftover Crack, Lifetime, Saves The Day), the album will be out October 25th on Wiretap Records and marks the band's first new music since the 2018 'Enemies' EP.


  1. Ghosted
  2. Don't Wanna Go
  3. Future Boy
  4. Nobody Drink the Beer
  5. Flash, Thunder
  6. Thin Air
  7. Not Today, Satan!
  8. Car Sick
  9. Enemies Part 2
  10. Pins & Needles
  11. With the Damned
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