F.O.D. - "Sleepville" LP + Multi-Page Storytelling Booklet

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F.O.D. - "Sleepville" LP + Multi-Page Storytelling Booklet

F.O.D. - "Sleepville" LP + Multi-Page Storytelling Booklet

Belgian melodic punk rock outfit F.O.D. is releasing its widely anticipated fourth full album “Sleepville” on March 12, 2020. Sleepville is a storytelling album that takes its listener on a journey through time. In their announcement the band writes that they will be ignoring the boundaries of punk rock for this release. If that does not spark your imagination, I don’t know what will… Pressed on 12” colored vinyl (4 exclusive colors) and released through Bearded Punk Records (BE) for Europe, Wiretap Records (US) for the US and Thousand Islands Records (CAN) for Canada.

Each LP will come with a 48 page booklet that has its own artwork, which contains the story of the quiet town of Sleepville and its inhabitants.

Note: Album available digitally March 12th, with vinyl arriving soon after in mid-late March.

Track Listing

  1. Sleepville Guaranteed
  2. Days Of Future Passed
  3. Fall In Line
  4. Riverview
  5. Feeling Gay
  6. Wrong
  7. Food For Thought
  8. On An Island
  9. Annie
  10. Stranger In Town
  11. Changes Rise
  12. Thirtysomething And Counting
  13. Coda
  14. Main Street

Pressing Information

100 - Orange Smoke (Band Exclusive)
100 - Clear Blob (Bearded Punk Records Exclusive)
100 - Clear w Orange and Black Splatter (Wiretap Exclusive) (This Variant)
100 - Orange w Black Splatter (Thousand Island Records Exclusive)

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