Ghost Town Remedy - "Dry Spell" 12" LP (DISTRO)

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Ghost Town Remedy - "Dry Spell" 12" LP (DISTRO)


Ghost Town Remedy - "Dry Spell" 12" LP

Part of our ATTENTION: DISTRO Releases.... We're bringing you some of our favorite bands/artists that we've featured on our ATTENTION: Charity Compilation Series, and these are releases that we WISH we would have released and now into your hands. Here's the new Ghost Town Remedy record "Dry Spell"....

Nashville pioneers of “rad dad rock”, Ghost Town Remedy, share their debut full-length, Dry Spell, and well... something's definitely up with these
southern indie kids. While Brooklyn bedrooms ring with cathedral reverb and waves of delay, the south is bringing back crunching power-pop riffs. While L.A. does whatever the fuck it is they're doing with synths over there, the south is beating the everloving bejeezus out of their drum kits.

Ghost Town Remedy excel in Nashville’s land of live music. They’re the city’s pioneers of “rad dad rock.” They don’t take themselves too seriously, but they shred and jam in a way that draws serious attention. Their excellent first full-length, Dry Spell, is perfect for broken hearts on a lonely holiday.

FFO: Rozwell Kid, Jeff Rosenstock, Prince Daddy & the Hyena.

Track Listing

  1. Nacho Business
  2. Therapy
  3. Holy Hangover
  4. LAN Party
  5. Super Glue
  6. The Ghost
  7. A Lesson in Shapeshifting
  8. Learning Curve
  9. Meat Sweatz
  10. Empty
  11. 360 No Scope

Pressing Information

273x units on Clear with Neon Purple and Orange Crush Splatter