Call Me Malcolm - "I Was Broken When You Got Here" 12" LP

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Call Me Malcolm - "I Was Broken When You Got Here" 12" LP

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Call Me Malcolm - "I Was Broken When You Got Here" 12" LP

Pressed for the first time on vinyl... on Deluxe Gatefold vinyl, on 2x splatter variants.

"I Was Broken When You Got Here"

I Was Broken When You Got Here tells the story of Call Me Malcolm’s struggles with mental health issues. Detailing a breakdown three years ago and subsequent recovery, the band explore the dark
recesses of depression, the impact on those close to them, the irresponsibility of society’s stigma against
mental health issues, and what it takes to come out the other side whole.

The first two tracks explore loneliness and isolation in the two settings that should inspire close
connection; a personal relationship and the rampant rise of social media. Restore Factory Settings, the
album’s pivotal track, shares the revelation that this sadness and isolation was something much greater
than a passing feeling. This is depression. The next two songs explore the dangers of untreated mental health issues, before seeing the band seek help in In Treatment.

Show Me What You Got sees the first positive message, a battle cry to fight back against government
neglect and sociopathy. But the albums lowest point is reached in Now Wait For Last Year, also the
band’s heaviest track, a song about Luke (guitar/vox) losing his Father-In-Law to a short battle with

The album’s story has a happy ending. In spite of depression, anxiety and grief, the band are not alone
anymore. All My Nameless Friends serves a reminder that there is always someone there for you,
always someone willing to help piece your life back together. For the band, this song is about the
people we spend time with at shows. These "nameless friends" that are so important in supporting the
band and each other through some challenging times.

The band’s songwriting choices are designed to help drive home the albums two key themes; isolation
and duality. The tracks in the first half are very purposefully knitted together, one song ending and the
next beginning on the same chord, in contrast to the lyrics as they explore the darker recesses of
loneliness. As the lyrics in the second half tell of the band rallying and pulling themselves together,
they frequently reference opposites; day and night, left and right.

Furthermore, as the album drives to a (relatively) more positive outlook, the sound becomes more
aggressive, highlighted by Oz Craggs' heavier production choices, and more chaotic harmonies,
particularly in the frantic brass sections.

About Call Me Malcolm:

Call Me Malcolm are a five piece ska/punk band from London, blending hard punk, a crunchy ska sound and three part harmonies. Originally inspired by the halcyon days of Goldfinger circa late 1900s,
the band quickly evolved a harder, more sardonic, Random Hand style edge. Since Malcolm’s debut album We Did This To Ourselves, reached No. 1 in the Bandcamp Ska-Punk chart in 2014, they’ve supported The Interrupters, Sonic Boom Six, Big D & The Kids’ Table and Random Hand.

In April 2018, the band released I Was Broken When You Got Here, an album telling the story of the band’s struggles with mental health.

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White with Black and Red Splatter - THIS VARIANT FOR SALE HERE
Red with Black and White Splatter - WIRETAP 2021 RECORD CLUB MEMBER EXCLUSIVE (NOT FOR SALE)

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