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***** 2022 RECORD CLUB ****

Every Release we press on Vinyl in 2022... and more...!! As most of you all know.... pressing vinyl records in 2022 has become a bit of a challenge. Running an indie record label in 2022 has become a bit of a challenge. The Wiretap Record Club has become even more valuable to us as we continue a time when pressing plants are backed up and smaller labels are not able to recoup or generate sales for months and up to a year. In addition, the costs to manufacture records recently has also gone up by up to 10%. Your continued support this year will help Wiretap weather the vinyl pressing plant storm that continues this year. We thank so many of you return subscribers.... It means the world to us....

Included in the Record Club this year for the low annual fee of $170....

*Even though prices for pressing records have gone up, we only raised the price by $5.00 this year...

- 8x (12” LP’s) on vinyl.
- 1x (7" record)
- 1x Guaranteed Test Press (from the 2022 Catalog)
- Limited Wiretap Long Sleeve T-Shirt (printed on Next Level soft tees)
- Limited Wiretap Mouse Pad
- All Digital Download Codes for each release, as well as Digital Only / Singles releases.

NOTE: The cost includes shipping via USPS Media Mail to Domestic (US) based addresses only. You’ll receive shipments via USPS, in sturdy/reinforced Whiplash LP Mailers. If releases arrive close in proximity per date, we may send them together.

(International Customers, we are sorry....RECORD CLUB not available international this year, due to international shipping challenges. Please email rob@wiretaprecords.com for info).


Here’s the Value for ALL THAT YOU’RE GETTING!!!

8x LP’s - value $176
Shipping for 8x LP’s - value $44
1x 7" record + shipping - $15
1x Test Press (Modest Value) - $40
Wiretap T Shirt - value $12
All Digital Releases - value $55
Wiretap Mouse Pad - value $10

Total Value on the 2022 Record Club … $352.00



* NEW THIS YEAR... We are offering a Digital Only Club.....for those non-vinyl geared folks who still want to support the label for only $60 per year. Working out to $5 per month, you'll get a new full length album, EP, digital single, or compilation per month + more.

The Digital Only Club will receive digital files (wav, mp3) files of all releases in 2022, including singles, and digital only releases. In addition, Digital Club will ALSO get the Limited Wiretap long sleeve T-Shirt and Wiretap mouse pad.


Join The 2022 Wiretap Record Club!


So far announced includes:

- Reminders - "Best of Beach Punk" LP on Ocean Blue vinyl
- Timeshares upcoming TBD 12" LP