Kamikaze Girls new music video for 'Ladyfuzz' remind us all It's OK To Be Sad

Posted on August 9th, 2016

Kamikaze Girls' pressing of their new EP "Sad" is now available to Pre-Order on limited Cassette Tape. The cassette is limited to 150x copies on Blue Tint. Go pick it up. If you're looking to grab the 12" Vinyl, visit our buds at Bearded Punk Records. The band also just premiered a new music video for the 2nd track off the EP called "Ladyfuzz". The subject is heavy, but we admire the duo's courage to use music as a means to continue to challenge attitudes and taboos surrounding mental health. Mental Health issues are a global issue. The video was shot in singer/guitarist Lucinda Livingstone's childhood bedroom and surrounding area up North in the UK, where she grew up before moving to Leeds when she was 16.

“It still looks just like it was when I left it. Loads of old band merch, a LOT of Michael Jackson memorabilia, records and a bunch of stuff that I can’t really have with me at the moment. With Conor knowing the meaning behind the song – and obviously standing by me as a friend when I wasn’t well at the time – we kind of just wanted to tell it how it was. Not the happiest of songs, or videos, but it is what it is.”

“Since then I have used the term ‘Ladyfuzz’ as something positive. I curate a zine with a bunch of contributors from all over the world. We put out issues every few months and celebrate female artists and musicians. I feel good now that something good came out of it.” - From Punktastic

Watch the video for ‘Ladyfuzz’ below and share with anyone you think could use some encouragement. "Sad" is out September 2nd via Bearded Punk and Wiretap Records.

Thanks to Punktastic for streaming the video today.